Friday, 1 June 2012

The Badlands

I am so sorry that I have not blogged for a long time but we were very busy! We are now in Chicago "The Windy City". I think San Francisco’s windy too though! Chicago is a really nice city. A few weeks ago we went to The Badlands,South Dakota. It was really really hot (91 f) which basicly put Lottie of speaking! It was a really good day out even though we had to drive for two hours to get there! The rock formations were really really pink and there were lots of layers. We went to the visitor center to watch the " Award winning film" that did not really tell us about the formations. Then we went to do a short fossil walk with fossils and the drove home. It was really fun and there were lots of prarie dogs. On the way back there were lots of signs saying Wall Drug 5 cent coffee and Wall Drug exit 109. They were very entertaining and we saw about 30! Im sorry if I have not written much but I have many blog posts to write! Here are some photos:

Hills over and over and over again!

That hills in the way!

Lots of different rock formations!

Lottie: This is too hot so I will stay like this and not speak!

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  1. I wonder why the film was so award winning if it didn't actually tell you useful information? And, I had to wear a winter coat this afternoon. Hope you keep blogging, I love to hear about your trip! Matt and I are taking the kids to my parents' house Monday (we have to drive 8-10 hours to San Diego, we'll be thinking of you in your car!) and then we are leaving them there for two weeks while we go to Germany, France and England. I'm really nervous to be away from them for so long... do you think I'll be ok? Then I fly back to San Diego and stay with them there another two weeks. We'll be away from San Francisco for an entire month. I may not make it, I love my city so. Give your family lots of love from the Penfields!

    Christine xx