Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chicago History Museum

We went to Chicago’s History Museum first because we thought it was good to know the history of the place. It is a big museum which you get to on the brown line. First we went to the cafe were Lottie and I had a not to good tuna sandwich. Then we went and started in a section about the history of the city (of COURSE), They had one of the old L cars from the 1900s. Mama really liked it and you could go inside and see the seats. You could also sit on the seats which we did on the second time. (You will see later). Then we went to see the diplomas. There was one of the great fire and another of the worlds fair. Lottie liked those best. Then we went to the kids bit where we made a postcard and played around. There was an old bicycle that was so cool! Then we went to get and ice cream-or so we thought! There was Pinkberry with frozen yogurt and a ice cream shop too. Mama got carried away with the name Pinkberry so we went there. It was really really yummy! Then we walked back and took the L line back home.

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