Friday, 25 May 2012

Wind cave!

I am so sorry that I have not been blogging for a while. About a week ago Lottie,Mama, and I went to a national park called Wind Cave. It was really amazing. We went on a tour of the cave and the original entrance of the cave was a small circle in a rock. The story is said that two brothers were horse riding down the path and one of them heard distinctive noises. He got off the horse and put his head near the hole. His hat blew off. They went off and then came back with lots of people. Again he stuck his head near the hole and this time his hat blew down the hole lost and gone forever. They thought they had found... GOLD!

It turned out that it was a cave. And there was NO gold to be found in it. In the 1900s a 16 year old boy called Alvin McDonald came and lived there. In his back yard there was the entrance to the cave. Of course when you are sixteen and have nothing to do where would you go? INTO THE CAVE! He explored the cave lots and losts. He wanted to tell the whole world about his favourite thing-the cave. He asked his father if he could go to the world fair in Chicago. His father agreed and they went together. At the fair he caught Typhus. He came home still extremely sick and lay in bed wishing and wishing that he could go down to the cave. He did and did that for four days going in and out in and out. That made him catch pneumonia. A few days later he died at the age of 20.

I am so glad that we have the light bulb and you will find out in this paragraph. Down in the cave our tour guide showed us what it was like on a tour with Alvin McDonald. There was a tin can on its side with a candle inside. Then she showed us what it would be like without ANY light. I was 300 feet below the surface and in complete pitch black. I was TERRIFIED! It was basicly the reason that I wanted to get out of there! It was still really really fun! I liked the national park alot but was glad to see the sky again. It was easy to get out because of the elevator!

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