Friday, 29 June 2012

The Field Museum

It was a hot Sunday in Chicago and so we went to The Field Museum. We went at about 11:00 and then when we got off ate lunch at Pot-belly. I had a half of a new Mediterranean sandwich. Lottie had half a tuna and Mama and Daddy had something else. Then we went back into the hat and walked the rest of the way to The Field Museum. It is HUGE museum that is actually really pretty architecture. We went to the Evolving planet area that tought us all about the evolving earth and that took us about 1 and a half hours. Then Daddy and Lottie headed off to go see the Sue movie and me and Mama went to see the ancient Americas. I am very good at losing my battery on the camera when I get to an interesting bit so I don’t think I could take and pictures.

The Evolving planet started of right at the beginning of life on earth. There was a thing showing you this really funny video that was kind of meant for kids but was also kind of complicated. We then walked through more and more and more and MORE stuff. It took a really long time though. Did you know that Sue the dinosaurs head is too heavy to put on the body so the had to make a lighter copy! After going there we went and saw the Ancient Americas.

Daddy and Lottie walked of to see the movie about Sues life. Me and Mama went to see the Ancient Americas exhibit. There were alot of really nice pottery things that I liked. We found Daddy and Lottie back with us halfway trough and decided that we would stop there and go down to the Inside ancient Egypt. They had a fake pyramid and then alot of mummy’s and a thing showing you the proses of mummification. That started my thing of ancient Egypt!!!

Here are some pictures I took!

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