Friday, 29 June 2012

Shedd Aqariam

We decided to go to Shedd aquarium because people said it was really good. Well we and they were wrong. It had little play areas for kids every were (when I say Kids I mean 2-6). Well we came in after going in a ridiculous long line. And then I got laughed at for daydreaming and staying in line while Mama and Lottie were getting the tickets(oops!) We went to see a talk about animals which Mama said was very "Cheesy".That made Mama in a bad mood. So we left that and went to see the Dolphins and the Bulga whales. That was the only bit I liked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(other than the sharks). They had a special exhibition of jellies fish than was definitely not as good as the permanent one at Monterey bay Aquarium In CA. Well that made Mama in even more of a bad mood. Then we went to see the penguins and there was a play are for kids that had little kids running round like penguins sliding down slides and more. We tried to go see the dolphins again but the had a sold out show that had the dolphins and they crossed of the whole area acting like you HAD to pay and there was no sneaking peaks. That took a long time but finally we saw the dolphins again and left the aquarium with a disappointed mother and two hot children. Mama was not happy and I don’t think she recommends it!

The Field Museum

It was a hot Sunday in Chicago and so we went to The Field Museum. We went at about 11:00 and then when we got off ate lunch at Pot-belly. I had a half of a new Mediterranean sandwich. Lottie had half a tuna and Mama and Daddy had something else. Then we went back into the hat and walked the rest of the way to The Field Museum. It is HUGE museum that is actually really pretty architecture. We went to the Evolving planet area that tought us all about the evolving earth and that took us about 1 and a half hours. Then Daddy and Lottie headed off to go see the Sue movie and me and Mama went to see the ancient Americas. I am very good at losing my battery on the camera when I get to an interesting bit so I don’t think I could take and pictures.

The Evolving planet started of right at the beginning of life on earth. There was a thing showing you this really funny video that was kind of meant for kids but was also kind of complicated. We then walked through more and more and more and MORE stuff. It took a really long time though. Did you know that Sue the dinosaurs head is too heavy to put on the body so the had to make a lighter copy! After going there we went and saw the Ancient Americas.

Daddy and Lottie walked of to see the movie about Sues life. Me and Mama went to see the Ancient Americas exhibit. There were alot of really nice pottery things that I liked. We found Daddy and Lottie back with us halfway trough and decided that we would stop there and go down to the Inside ancient Egypt. They had a fake pyramid and then alot of mummy’s and a thing showing you the proses of mummification. That started my thing of ancient Egypt!!!

Here are some pictures I took!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Driving to Chicago

8 months ago we came to Chicago it was a long but fun drive.For the first time we got out of the car when daddy was doing the thing. It was fun because I found a ant on my window  and I took lots of pictures of it. But then after a while the ant left and so I had to start taking pictures of other stuff. we pasted lots of stuff and after a while every somebody was  hungry so we stopped. I do not remember if that is true. I have a lot of pictures.
Millie looking at road map.


The gas station

Our pump.

Speed limt 45

Is she eating!


What time is it in SF

lets go home!

Tasting good time

we missed it .

oops another


ha ha so funny!



what is it?

come on!


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Art Institute Chicago

A few weeks ago we went to the Art Institute. It was a weekend so Daddy came with us. First we went through all of the European area which was quite big! Then we went and saw Impressionism and The Sunday on the grand something or other. Then we went to see the American stuff and we saw American Gothic. And we saw Nighthawks. It was really interesting!

Then me and Mama and Lottie went and saw more of it on an different day. (See I CAN spell different!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We saw the special exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein stuff which was cool but we only did it quickly. We also saw some contemporary art (I think!). We were there for like two hours. I do not understand why Lottie does not like art museums but she does not! But when we went to the Lincoln Park zoo we made a game called Art Bingo where you look for things in paintings. Lottie LOVED the idea so we played it the next day at the museum. It is where you look for a particular thing and then you write down the artist and the painting name. We played it and now Lottie will actually come to museums!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chicago History Museum

We went to Chicago’s History Museum first because we thought it was good to know the history of the place. It is a big museum which you get to on the brown line. First we went to the cafe were Lottie and I had a not to good tuna sandwich. Then we went and started in a section about the history of the city (of COURSE), They had one of the old L cars from the 1900s. Mama really liked it and you could go inside and see the seats. You could also sit on the seats which we did on the second time. (You will see later). Then we went to see the diplomas. There was one of the great fire and another of the worlds fair. Lottie liked those best. Then we went to the kids bit where we made a postcard and played around. There was an old bicycle that was so cool! Then we went to get and ice cream-or so we thought! There was Pinkberry with frozen yogurt and a ice cream shop too. Mama got carried away with the name Pinkberry so we went there. It was really really yummy! Then we walked back and took the L line back home.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

chicago day 1

 Our first day in chicago was a really hot one. We went downtown and had lunch at Panera Bread. Then we went and got books at a book shop. I got a book called Wild Wood. It is a thick book and there is a sequel coming out in September-on KINDLE!!!! I will definetly buy it! Then we went to the famouse Crown fountain in Millienium park. We also looked at the "Cloud Gate" a.k.a "The BEAN" Why not call it the bean cause it is shaped like one! I dont agree with the name! Anyway that was basicly the whole day.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ames, IA

A few weeks ago we went to Ames,IA to see my dads old friend he met in Florence called Mellisa. She has a five year old Called Vivienne. She is really funny and we liked playing games with her. We went to this farm called Living History Farms which is where you see what it was like to live a hundred years ago and it was really cool. But that day it was wet and rainy so we did not really do that much. We went to Des Moines and had a girls day out where we got new clothes at a mall. I got some really really cute dresses and me and Lottie got some sandals. Mine are red and Lotties are white. We stayed in a B&B called the Iowa House. It was a really nice B&B and the food was nice. I liked it. Sorry if I did not included it all!! I am very busy which is why is why I have not been blogging longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg posts!!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

A few weeks ago we went to Mount Rushmore and then Crazy Horse. It was a wet day and we were going to also go to Jewel Cave but chose not to! We only went to MR and CH. Mama wrote a weird blog post too. She was not that impressed about MR but was about CH. I liked Crazy Horse better (SORRY!). It was fun and then we went home and had good pizza and then went for dessert at a really good pie place (almost as good as mission pie!) It was really nice and they had rubarb pie which Lottie had.  Did you know that each face on MR is 60 feet long? Sorry if this is another short blog post!!!!!!!Here are some pictures though!

There it is, The mount Rushmore!

"If I cant see them they cant see me!"(but I can!!)

The non finished Crazy Horse with the horses head painted on.

The model of Crazy Horse.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Badlands

I am so sorry that I have not blogged for a long time but we were very busy! We are now in Chicago "The Windy City". I think San Francisco’s windy too though! Chicago is a really nice city. A few weeks ago we went to The Badlands,South Dakota. It was really really hot (91 f) which basicly put Lottie of speaking! It was a really good day out even though we had to drive for two hours to get there! The rock formations were really really pink and there were lots of layers. We went to the visitor center to watch the " Award winning film" that did not really tell us about the formations. Then we went to do a short fossil walk with fossils and the drove home. It was really fun and there were lots of prarie dogs. On the way back there were lots of signs saying Wall Drug 5 cent coffee and Wall Drug exit 109. They were very entertaining and we saw about 30! Im sorry if I have not written much but I have many blog posts to write! Here are some photos:

Hills over and over and over again!

That hills in the way!

Lots of different rock formations!

Lottie: This is too hot so I will stay like this and not speak!