Sunday, 24 June 2012

Art Institute Chicago

A few weeks ago we went to the Art Institute. It was a weekend so Daddy came with us. First we went through all of the European area which was quite big! Then we went and saw Impressionism and The Sunday on the grand something or other. Then we went to see the American stuff and we saw American Gothic. And we saw Nighthawks. It was really interesting!

Then me and Mama and Lottie went and saw more of it on an different day. (See I CAN spell different!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We saw the special exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein stuff which was cool but we only did it quickly. We also saw some contemporary art (I think!). We were there for like two hours. I do not understand why Lottie does not like art museums but she does not! But when we went to the Lincoln Park zoo we made a game called Art Bingo where you look for things in paintings. Lottie LOVED the idea so we played it the next day at the museum. It is where you look for a particular thing and then you write down the artist and the painting name. We played it and now Lottie will actually come to museums!

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  1. I would bet that you will spell "different" correctly for the rest of your life.

    -Mr. Fox