Monday, 4 June 2012

Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

A few weeks ago we went to Mount Rushmore and then Crazy Horse. It was a wet day and we were going to also go to Jewel Cave but chose not to! We only went to MR and CH. Mama wrote a weird blog post too. She was not that impressed about MR but was about CH. I liked Crazy Horse better (SORRY!). It was fun and then we went home and had good pizza and then went for dessert at a really good pie place (almost as good as mission pie!) It was really nice and they had rubarb pie which Lottie had.  Did you know that each face on MR is 60 feet long? Sorry if this is another short blog post!!!!!!!Here are some pictures though!

There it is, The mount Rushmore!

"If I cant see them they cant see me!"(but I can!!)

The non finished Crazy Horse with the horses head painted on.

The model of Crazy Horse.

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