Friday, 29 June 2012

Shedd Aqariam

We decided to go to Shedd aquarium because people said it was really good. Well we and they were wrong. It had little play areas for kids every were (when I say Kids I mean 2-6). Well we came in after going in a ridiculous long line. And then I got laughed at for daydreaming and staying in line while Mama and Lottie were getting the tickets(oops!) We went to see a talk about animals which Mama said was very "Cheesy".That made Mama in a bad mood. So we left that and went to see the Dolphins and the Bulga whales. That was the only bit I liked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(other than the sharks). They had a special exhibition of jellies fish than was definitely not as good as the permanent one at Monterey bay Aquarium In CA. Well that made Mama in even more of a bad mood. Then we went to see the penguins and there was a play are for kids that had little kids running round like penguins sliding down slides and more. We tried to go see the dolphins again but the had a sold out show that had the dolphins and they crossed of the whole area acting like you HAD to pay and there was no sneaking peaks. That took a long time but finally we saw the dolphins again and left the aquarium with a disappointed mother and two hot children. Mama was not happy and I don’t think she recommends it!

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