Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fish and more fish

Today we went to an aquarium. We saw a ton of fish there and it was right over Puget Sound. It was a really cool place. We had lunch there and Lottie and I had a slice of pizza each and fruit and animal cracker. Mama had a sandwich. Then we went and looked around the aquarium. There was a big fish tank with lots and lots of fish.There were big ones and small ones, colourful ones and plain ones, and just lots of fish! We saw a big octopus and jellyfish and touched anemone and starfish. The anemone were really rubbery and wiggled when you touched them. The star fish were bumpy and did not move as much. Then we went and saw lots of sea birds and there were puffins that were so cute and I liked them. They were swimming around. Then we went and saw a feeding of some fish and there was a long wolf eel! We went and then saw seals being trained and them swimming around which was cute. The aquarium was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our day at home

Today we went to our second swimming lesson. The teacher was a bit late. It was a really fun lesson and now I can move without her holding me and with a white floaty thing under me. It was really fun. Lottie got water up her nose twice and I did one time. We also had to float on our back and it was really scary and I did not like doing it. Then we went to a café called Katie’s café  where we had hot chocolate and carrot cake. It was very yummy. When we got home me and Lottie played with her paper dolls and then Lottie cut some more out and we played me them. Today was a quiet day.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Sol Duc Hot Springs

This weekend we went to a place called Sol Duc Hot Springs. It was in Olympic National Park. It was really fun. There where three hot pools and they were all different temperatures and there was also a cold pool the temperature of the air. It was FREEZING! I got used to it on the second day and was going in it every five minutes!That was the first day.

On the second day we went on a walk. It was supposed to take us to the Sol Duc falls... It was a really snowy trail and there were alot of bridges and fallen trees to climb. It was a three mile walk there and back and was supposed to be a total of six miles. We had walked about two miles when we got to a big stream. Daddy went across to try and make a path. His foot got wet. He had made a small path and I had to go over it. I put my foot on the rock he told me to and I slipped. My left foot, hand, and leg went in the water. Mama caught me and pulled me out. Now we had me who was cold and wet, Lottie who was wet but not as much, Mama who was ok but had cold and VERY wet feet, and Daddy had two wet feet. We all decided to go all the way back. We had not eaten lunch so we went to the pool side deli and I shared a Greek wrap with mama. Daddy had a ham and cheese sandwich and Lottie had a chicken sandwich. Then we drove home. It took a long time and we got home at 7:00. It was a GREAT weekend!!

Here are some pictures we took on the walk:

Old red trees

Mama and Lottie walking in the snow

A mossy tree

Lottie walking across and very snowy bridge

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Burke Museum

Today we went to a museum called Burke museum. We liked the exhibit called Hungry planet. There were pictures of people and their food supply for a week. They were from all over the world. The one from the USA was very unhealthy and they spent 70 dollars a week on beverages!! That is a lot of money for just drinks!! It was a really interesting exhibit and we also went to a bit about culture. It taught you about a Korean wedding and that they seal it by drink a glass of wine called wedding wine. There was also a bit about Chinese New Year. There was a section where it was all about dinosaurs and volcanoes. We have learned alot about volcanoes and Mama says we could probably write a essay!!! I loved this museum and we might bring Daddy to it.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Today and Yesterday

Today we went and had our first swimming lesson and at the end I jumped in and it was REALLY fun. I can now blow bubbles with my nose and mouth. When we had to put our face in the water I breathed in and lots of water went up my nose and it hurt. That happened ALOT! Then we went to a café and had hot chocolate and a cake and I shared one with Mama and it was banana cake with lots of chocolate chips and walnuts. Lottie had coffee cake. Mama dropped us off at home and she went to get something.

Yesterday we went to the post office and then did a walk. We went to a little park and it had a time line of somebody’s life. Then we sat and I knitted my fingerless gloves.

Monday, 16 April 2012

My pink egg

Here is a story about my pink egg. Today I lost my pink egg. I have a mouse inside it.Millie had to fold our clothes and put them away.she picked up my skirt and shaked
it she heard my pink egg.

I love my pink egg. Mr Jake ,my first grade teacher gave it to me.He gave it to me when I was outside the school Library. First he laid my pink egg,then he asked Millie If she wanted it. Millie said No! I said yes.This is how I got my pink egg.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The exhibition

Today we went to an art museum called SAM. We saw a exhibition of Gauguin and we all enjoyed it. We then went and quickly walked through Pikes Place and then went to a cafe where I had blackberry juice and a doughnut. Lottie did too. Th exhibition was really cool and there was alot of cool paintings as well and I think they were quite cool. We got on a bus and went home. The bus was #2 and stopped a block away from our house. It was a cool exhibition!


Saturday, 14 April 2012

The parks

Today we went to Voulenteer Park again but with Daddy as well. It was fun even though we had gone the day before. I showed Daddy the conservatory. Then we went and had sushi for lunch and walked to another park where I played on the monkey bars. I got alot of blisters. Then we went to a cupcake place and I had a tiramasoo cupcake that was REALLY yummy and I loved it. Then we walked home. Today was quite fun!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Volunteer Park

Today we went to a park called Volunteer Park and there was this really cool and beautiful conservetry and there was a room with tons of different cactuses. I made a animated video of Lottie and then Mama made lots of them with us in them.We are going to make them into videos soon when we have put them on the computer. I hope they come out ok. Today was very creative!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Childrens Museum

Today we went to the Children’s Museum. Most of it was a bit bellow my age group. But the way we went there was on the Monorail which was REALLY fun and Mama did not like looking down. We made these dream houses in the Lego place but mine ended up like a bedroom! The Space Needle was really actually quite small and I do not really need to go up it because it was REALLY expensive. Here are some pictures we took.


boring ...

Today we went to a children's museum. We were supposed to make sushi but we made fake sushi. It was boring then we went to make our Lego dream houses. I made one with an art table and a bed with stairs up to it and stairs back down. Making our Lego dream house was fun!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The wettest day at home

Today was a REALLY wet day so we stayed at home and when we went out we went to Trader Joes to get food for lunch and dinner. Then we made lots of cards and ate lunch. We also went to a place to get swimming lessons for both of us. We went to a place where we posted letters. Today was quite boring!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Downtown Seattle

Today we went to downtown Seattle. We went to Pikes Market where there was lots of stalls and places to eat. There was a place that made bracelets and they surprisingly they had my name! Then we went and got cinnamon rolls. Mama had to go to a cooking shop so we went to Sur La Table. Then we went to go to this bead shop where Mama got letter beads for Lottie and I to have on bracelets. Then we walked and went to a place where we got cards with money on that you tap when you get on buses and public transport. Then we took the bus home. Now we are going to go a place to pick up a pizza for dinner.


Monday, 9 April 2012

At the Park

 Today we went to the park. There was a really big water fountain and a babyish play structure.The water fountain was in a really cool shape that had water running all over the place.  We also looked for the Easter eggs hidden around the house even though yesterday was Easter. Because we were driving from Portland to Seattle. We did not want the owners seeing eggs we did not find. We also did it because we accidentally found out that Mama and Daddy are the Easter bunny. It was NOT supposed to happen! We went and got ice cream from a shop after going to the park.I had strawberry, Lottie had mint,and Mama had salted caramel. Today was GREAT.



Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mount St. Helens

 Today we went from Portland to Seattle and drove past Mount St. Helens. We stopped to look at the visitor centre. It was really interesting to learn about it. There was a film and it showed it erupting and there was a man named Harry Truman who would not leave his house near Silver Lake. When Mount St. Helens erupted he died. He was a old man who had been living there his whole life and refused to leave. It was amazing on the way to Seattle from the visitor centre. We saw Mount Ranier and I kept trying to get a picture but could not. Trees where always in the way and when I got a good picture it was blurry. I had a GREAT day today!!


Saturday, 7 April 2012


Today I saw lots of water fools after that I had Lunch!

The waterfall

Today we went and saw a amazing and huge waterfall. We did a walk near there and at one bit you got wet because the water was spraying onto you. It was fun. Then we drove on to a place where we ate lunch. Then we drove back home and we are going back to Powells Books and tomorrow we will drive to Seattle. Today was fun. We also saw Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens and they are big and beautiful.

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Museum

Today we went to a museum called the OMSI or Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It was very big. There was an exhibit where it was full of big Lego sculptures. It was amazing and there was this bit where there were lego crayons and the orange one had been made so it looked like some of it was getting pulled off. Then we went to a bit about the solar system and rocks. It was so interesting. Then we went to this bit with science and there were lots of exhibits and a room where there are tubes and things blowing air at you and lots of balls and you make things so balls go EVERYWHERE! We also went to a chemistry lab where we did two experiments and had to put on goggles that first fell off my face so I changed them and then they hurt my face but I kept them on anyway. In the ball room I got hit on the head 8 times. These two boys were throwing balls all over the place and one of them crashed into me and it hurt. Now we are going to a painting exhibit which I hope I enjoy!


today I...

had lunch at a cafe ... I had pizza and I threw balls into hoops

Thursday, 5 April 2012

At home

 Today we were at home all day except when we went out for lunch. Lottie and I played a game and I read alot of books. When we went out to get lunch we went down a long row of steps. When we were buying the food for lunch it started to hail. The hail got heavier until we ate lunch there. You could see it run down cars looking like snow. Mama and Daddy did not bring rain coats so they got wet but Lottie and I did so we did not get wet. The stairs were very tiring on the way back up and at the top I was huffing and puffing.Today was a day that was relaxing!!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Exploring Portland!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Powell’s City of Books and I got two books and we will go back this evening so that my dad can get some books because he was working. That means I can get a designer book which I have wanted for a million years!!! Then we will go for dinner. For lunch today we went to a market and picked up hot dogs. Lotties sausage fell out just as she almost finished it so I gave her mine.Today we also went to a knit shop and a art shop so now we have art supplies, wool, and books. Today was a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My 5 hour drive ( beware it was LONG)

Today we drove for 5 whole hours and I HATED it. But Portland is a wonderful place and we have only been here for half a hour. We stopped for lunch at a place called Debs Diner and I had a egg,sausage, and toast with hashbrowns. It was delicious and then we kept driving for 3 more hours. Today we manly drove! I can not wait to go to Powells City of Books!


boring in the car

Today basically we were in the car the only time we got out was when we eat lunch. I had a corn dog with chips. millie had an egg with two sausages
and potatoes

Monday, 2 April 2012

At the beach and more!

  Today we drove from Cresent City to a place called Bandon. On the way we visited a few beaches. We also stopped in a town called Gold Beach and picked up lunch... from SUBWAY!!! My parents sure did go crazy! We ate on the beach and then went for a walk in the sand. Also we crossed the border so now for the first time ever for me I set foot in Oregon!! Lunch was ok but it was not the best sandwich ever! Today was GREAT!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

San francisco

San Francisco is a cool and wonderful place and the rest of the USA will never be like the city of the bay. Just like New York is not like Chicago San Francisco is not like Seattle. I like San Francisco because of its beautiful hills and views and all the friendly people and the good food. Oh San Francisco I miss you! I miss my lovely school that is so so so nice and has such good kind teachers and a great principal. But I do get to see most of America! We are playing a licence plate game and we have Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Washington. We have a lot of states for the beginning of a big road trip! 


through the tree

Today I walked through a tree it had a hole so you could walk through it.

Walking through the tree!

  Today we drove from Fort Bragg to a place called Crescent City. We are staying in a place called Front Street Inn.That was boring but it was fun when we WALKED through a tree. We could have driven but we had a roof box so our car was to tall.We had to walk.I was very disappointed but it was cool anyway. The driving took forever. We ate lunch in a town and I had french toast!It was VERY yummy.Today was a good good day!