Thursday, 19 April 2012

Today and Yesterday

Today we went and had our first swimming lesson and at the end I jumped in and it was REALLY fun. I can now blow bubbles with my nose and mouth. When we had to put our face in the water I breathed in and lots of water went up my nose and it hurt. That happened ALOT! Then we went to a café and had hot chocolate and a cake and I shared one with Mama and it was banana cake with lots of chocolate chips and walnuts. Lottie had coffee cake. Mama dropped us off at home and she went to get something.

Yesterday we went to the post office and then did a walk. We went to a little park and it had a time line of somebody’s life. Then we sat and I knitted my fingerless gloves.


  1. I hate it when water goes up my nose too. My friend and I always have a cup of tea after our weekly swim but we pass on the cake. At our age we can't get away with it!

  2. Hi girlies!
    What was the timeline of someone's life like?
    Sounds really interesting!

    1. It was really interesting and and I have fogotten his name but I liked reading it.

      Miss you