Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fish and more fish

Today we went to an aquarium. We saw a ton of fish there and it was right over Puget Sound. It was a really cool place. We had lunch there and Lottie and I had a slice of pizza each and fruit and animal cracker. Mama had a sandwich. Then we went and looked around the aquarium. There was a big fish tank with lots and lots of fish.There were big ones and small ones, colourful ones and plain ones, and just lots of fish! We saw a big octopus and jellyfish and touched anemone and starfish. The anemone were really rubbery and wiggled when you touched them. The star fish were bumpy and did not move as much. Then we went and saw lots of sea birds and there were puffins that were so cute and I liked them. They were swimming around. Then we went and saw a feeding of some fish and there was a long wolf eel! We went and then saw seals being trained and them swimming around which was cute. The aquarium was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hi emila its me melissa from room 304 everybody misses you and carolyn says hi.kristen is feelin sad but its going away.luv u and miss you.;]

    1. Hi Melissa! I miss you. How was the testing? I am glad I did not do it!