Monday, 23 April 2012

The Sol Duc Hot Springs

This weekend we went to a place called Sol Duc Hot Springs. It was in Olympic National Park. It was really fun. There where three hot pools and they were all different temperatures and there was also a cold pool the temperature of the air. It was FREEZING! I got used to it on the second day and was going in it every five minutes!That was the first day.

On the second day we went on a walk. It was supposed to take us to the Sol Duc falls... It was a really snowy trail and there were alot of bridges and fallen trees to climb. It was a three mile walk there and back and was supposed to be a total of six miles. We had walked about two miles when we got to a big stream. Daddy went across to try and make a path. His foot got wet. He had made a small path and I had to go over it. I put my foot on the rock he told me to and I slipped. My left foot, hand, and leg went in the water. Mama caught me and pulled me out. Now we had me who was cold and wet, Lottie who was wet but not as much, Mama who was ok but had cold and VERY wet feet, and Daddy had two wet feet. We all decided to go all the way back. We had not eaten lunch so we went to the pool side deli and I shared a Greek wrap with mama. Daddy had a ham and cheese sandwich and Lottie had a chicken sandwich. Then we drove home. It took a long time and we got home at 7:00. It was a GREAT weekend!!

Here are some pictures we took on the walk:

Old red trees

Mama and Lottie walking in the snow

A mossy tree

Lottie walking across and very snowy bridge


  1. I wont to go in the snow too!

  2. HI Emilia: We wish we were there and hope you having a good trip. Isaiah said, "I love snow". LOL Everyone says hi. Room 304

  3. thats cool!!!!!!!!!