Monday, 2 April 2012

At the beach and more!

  Today we drove from Cresent City to a place called Bandon. On the way we visited a few beaches. We also stopped in a town called Gold Beach and picked up lunch... from SUBWAY!!! My parents sure did go crazy! We ate on the beach and then went for a walk in the sand. Also we crossed the border so now for the first time ever for me I set foot in Oregon!! Lunch was ok but it was not the best sandwich ever! Today was GREAT!



  1. Mila and Hugo used to LOVE Subway sandwiches! Why did they make your parents go crazy? I'm glad you're enjoying your trip! We sure do miss you, but I'm really enjoying reading your posts and seeing your mom's pictures!
    Love, Moriah

    1. My parents were crazy because I thought they would not want to go to subway. I miss you all tons and it was so fun staying with you for the end of our time in San Francisco!

  2. did you know jacks/jude/s + c's dad once got fired from subway? true story.