Sunday, 1 April 2012

San francisco

San Francisco is a cool and wonderful place and the rest of the USA will never be like the city of the bay. Just like New York is not like Chicago San Francisco is not like Seattle. I like San Francisco because of its beautiful hills and views and all the friendly people and the good food. Oh San Francisco I miss you! I miss my lovely school that is so so so nice and has such good kind teachers and a great principal. But I do get to see most of America! We are playing a licence plate game and we have Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Washington. We have a lot of states for the beginning of a big road trip! 



  1. I really hope that you are able to meet my friends Cecilia + Isobel! You'll have fun and it will be far less boring with some friends your age (not that your parents are a bore by any means...)


    1. My parents are fun and DEFENETLY not boring! Hope I meet them too.


      P.S did I spell defenetly right?

  2. you were definitely close! you'll have to meet them the next time around.