Friday, 6 April 2012

The Museum

Today we went to a museum called the OMSI or Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It was very big. There was an exhibit where it was full of big Lego sculptures. It was amazing and there was this bit where there were lego crayons and the orange one had been made so it looked like some of it was getting pulled off. Then we went to a bit about the solar system and rocks. It was so interesting. Then we went to this bit with science and there were lots of exhibits and a room where there are tubes and things blowing air at you and lots of balls and you make things so balls go EVERYWHERE! We also went to a chemistry lab where we did two experiments and had to put on goggles that first fell off my face so I changed them and then they hurt my face but I kept them on anyway. In the ball room I got hit on the head 8 times. These two boys were throwing balls all over the place and one of them crashed into me and it hurt. Now we are going to a painting exhibit which I hope I enjoy!


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  1. boys throwing balls all over the place and crashing into people... sounds like my house! how was the painting exhibit?