Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Museum of flight

A few weeks ago we went to a museum called The Museum of Flight. Now if you love aeroplanes and you are in Seattle this is the museum for you! It has a ton of stuff about them and you can got in the concord and the presidents aeroplanes. Now I hate flying but flying in the presidents aeroplane with a real bed would be fine! It was really cool and I would reccomend it. First we went to a bit about aeroplanes and space. I do not want to go to space because of the terrible beds and you do not want a tired me or I will do NOTHING. Then we went and learnt about how they used aeroplanes in the wars. It was really interesting and I learned about the signs that are on the edge of the aeroplane. It was interesting and I liked doing it. I love learning. Then we went to the café and had muffins. Then we left. It was a great day and if you are in Seattle I recommend that you go because it is so so cool.

The first aeroplane
A mail aeroplane.

Two mini models of navy aeroplanes.

The concord

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