Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Three Grizzlys

Today we drove from Gardiner to a small town called Greybull. To get there we drove through Yellowstone National Park for the last time. On the way we saw a huge group of people looking at this animal.  I saw a face that looked like a bear face... and I was right!!! It was a mama grizzly bear and her two cubs. They started to come up the hill and came closer and closer. As the mum got closer she stood on her hind legs. I managed to get a picture which Mama said was great. Then these cars started to drive up close as the Mum crossed the road. People were shouting at them. The cubs were on the other side of the road from the mum. That was when I felt scared. And it was for the cubs and mum. Then the cubs crossed the road and they all started to go up the hill. It was on snow and it was a ton of great pictures. I got some good ones. here are some of the pictures I took (I will not put them all because there are TONS!!!!)
The two cubs following Mama bear.

Mama bear on her hind legs looking at the people.

All of them walking through the snow.

Mama bear walking slowly up the hill.


  1. Hi Millie! What a beautiful sight! I've never been to Yellowstone, but I have got to go after seeing your photos. Those little cubs look so cute! I hope you were taking pictures from your car, you never want to cross a mamma bear with her cubs. I can't believe all you have seen and all you have left to see on your trip. I love reading your blogs, keep them coming! Lots of love to you and your fam. Love, Ms. Smith

    1. We were not in our car but at least 300 yards away and when there was a car in bettween the mum and the cubs she was not at all worried. Mama was not pleased!