Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yellowstone National Park day 1

Today we went to Yellowstone National Park and did three walks. We drove into the park in the morning and crossed the border into Wyoming. We saw lots and lots and lots of Bison. The park is really really amazing and at one point we were driving and all of a sudden Mama shouted "BEAR!" I do wish I had seen it! Mama said she thought it was a bison but it was actually was a GRIZZLY!! Mama said it was big and had a hump on its back. We drove and stopped and drove and stopped over and over and over again. We did a walk that reminded me of going to Lassen. It was FULL of hot springs and thermal areas. Then we kept driving.

Then we drove on and stopped for a ok lunch (I do not really like sandwiches with wet sweaty cheese!) After that we drove on until we got to a place with a sing heading to a walk called Artists Paintpots. That Title tells you what it is because they are like paint pots! It was a third of a mile to a small circle of lots of mini gesyers and mud pots. The mud pots go glug glug glug POP! There was a small loop looking over the thing that we did.It reminded me of a walk we did in Lassen called Bumpass Hell. That was the thing in the first paragraph that I said. It was an amazing walk.

Then we drove on to the Old Faithful Geyser. We did a walk up to an observation point. It was a nice place and it took 15 minutes. We then still had half an hour left so we decided to walk back down to be close to it instead of waiting for half and hour up there. We got there about the time that it erupted. If you want to see it watch the video above. Sorry about the voices and baby crying!!

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