Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Philadelphia and Friends!

While we were in NYC we thought it was a good idea to go and see some friends we have who live in a suburb of Philadelphia. The grown-ups are called Corey and Tom and they have three kids. One who is half a year younger than me called Colwyn, one a bit younger than Lottie called Rhys and one who is four called Jasper. We rented a zip car and drove there. When we got there we figured out soon enough that

  1. Jasper is stronger than me
  2. Jasper is a good puncher and very rough
  3. Colwyn and Jasper are Baseball nuts!
  Rhys, Lottie and I where TRYING to play a game but of course Jasper ran through the cards so we gave up on that! We then went upstairs and played and kind of let's say squished Daddy’s bed! That was in Rhys' room because they have a HUGE house and they each have a bedroom. We then went next door to the Baseball room a.k.a the room I was sleeping in and Colwyn’s room.

We had a wonderful dinner of chicken and corn on the cob. We went inside and had some blueberry crumble. We then did something that Colwyn did NOT want to do. We watched the music video which both a very young sleepy Colwyn and a very young shy me are in. We could kind of predict what would happen because we guessed Colwyn would yawn and then he did. I think he ended up going to sleep. The only time I ever sang or danced was when I stood up and waved my arms about and spun round and round. I thought I was HILARIOUS! We then talked and went to bed.

The next morning we had a late breakfast and drove to Philadelphia. The car arrangements went like this. Tom and Tom with Rhys and Lottie in one car. Jasper,Colwyn, Mama, Cory and I in the other. We drove to Independence hall and got in WITHOUT the others. Mama got a phone call that they were looking for parking. So we then found them later and went to a place called Reading Terminal. It is this old terminal that they basically turned into an all year round farmers market. We had lunch and headed back to the house. Me and Colwyn managed a very silent game of basketball by somehow making it so we try to make a hoop and give it to the other person then they try and give it back and so on. We did that. I also found that playing a piano again was wonderful. Usually when there is one I won't play because I get embarrassed but with Rhys playing too, I stopped being so scared. I played over and over again.

 We then drove for about an hour with the same car arrangements to a place where we had dinner. We then drove to a garden where there would be fireworks. We got there just in time and I have never seen lovelier. You are in a quiet garden and then there are tons of fireworks.We were listening to Swan Lake music while we watched the show. We then took a walk through the gardens and I got scared because I get scared in the middle of a field in the darkness. The funny bit was when we got to throw two pennies in the fountain and Colwyn accidentally threw his wristband to being allowed in the water! He then had to fish it out! We fell asleep in the car. Well I didn’t. When we got home we all went to bed and got some sleep.

The next morning we had another late breakfast and then I played some more piano and basketball. I also rode Rhys bike a bit. We then decided to go to the town pool. I got changed quickly and when we got there I was the only one brave enough to go into the cold water. We then swam around and played. Me and Colwyn started a game where we hit a ball some where and swim to get it. The one who got it hit it again. This carried on and through the trying to get it I got kicked in the head once by Colwyn but it did not matter much. We then had to go so we said goodbye and drove back. I had one of the best weekend EVER!


  1. I MISS YA GURL! r u in wales yet?? :3 hope ya are. miss u,

    milaaaa :3

  2. Yes I am in wales

    And I miss u too!