Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Washington DC part 1


We decided that being in New York was a good time to go and see DC. So mama booked tickets to go on the Amtrak to DC. And she booked a house to stay in for four nights and then we went. We left on the 12 and got back yesterday on the 16. On the way there we got four seats facing each other. The guards told us off for doing it but lots of people including us said we found it like that so they were ok about that after a while. When we got to Washington DC it was about 3:00 so we took a taxi to our pace and saw the house. We then set out for lunch at a cafĂ© called Pot City cafe. We then went home and then to one of the best book stores in the world! You walk into a three story building with piles of random books everywhere and you can see some and not others. They were piles so high they were taller than  me! I got a book called Daddy Long Legs which mama says I will like. We then went and walked around the capitol. It is really big and nice. I liked it. We thought it was funny that the supreme court and the Library of congress both had scaffolding on it. And the capitol was one of the only ones without it! We then went home and had a nice Italian dinner a place not to far from where we were staying. I had a nice tomato pasta.

The next morning I woke up and READ as always. We then went and walked to the Library of congress where we saw Thomas Jefferson Library. It was cool because it had a few books I have read like:A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,Huckleberry Fin, The cat in the hat and other books. We then went and had lunch where I had a nice sandwich. We then walked to The capitol building to have our tour. It was nice and quite interesting. There were two statues per state and Californias where Jejuna Pera Serra  and Ronald Reagen. I liked the tour and there was a room where the sealing was made and it made echos which was funny!!!! They also told us about the pentagon in 9/11. The tour guide said her husband worked at the pentagon but luckily was at home sick. She also said she saw the areoplane fly over their head. Some people thought it was heading for the capitol but luckily it was not!

To read on please read the next Part!

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