Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NYC part 1

We have been in New York for about three weeks and have about a month left. We have been to alot of places and instead of doing lots of posts I will do a really long one. So get yourself ready for LOTS of info!! So let me see... Ah Ha first is:

The Empire State, Central Park and Grand Central station

We went into Manhattan with Daddy as he headed to the office and we went to the Empire State. Daddy’s office is really close to it so we went and walked after saying goodbye to him. We walked through Bryant Park and walked their it was early in the day so the queue was not really really long. We got our tickets and made our way to the lifts. You know those places where you have to get your picture taken. Well of course there was one of those. And there was a long line which we had to stand in and then skip it. Then we kept going and finally got into a lift. All the way up there was someone saying "Welcome to The Empire state ..." in lots of languages. That got boring. Up and up we went until we finally got to the 80th floor. Then we got in an other lift to go to up six more floors. Then we got to the top and could see all over the city!!!!!!! I of course knowing me took lots of pictures. We then went back to the air-conditioning. We took the lift down and when we got to the bottom decided to go and see 1 out of Mamas two favourite buildings. Grand Central station!We went in and had a sandwich for lunch. Then we went to the Metro and went to Central park and had an ice cream sitting under the trees. I love NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we had a good day!

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