Friday, 31 August 2012

banana tales


What's  your favourite type of fruit?Mine is mango. millie doesn't like bananas even if I kind of do.Daddy is the one who likes them best out of us. My favourite type of dessert is either fruit or sometimes Ice cream.Lots of people like cookies  and other stuff my second favourite type of fruit is lemon.Millie and mama like apples daddy likes oranges.I don't really think I like bananas but normally when I eat them I like them.When I think about eating a banana I think it will be mushy but it isn't.We never get bananas so I never get to eat them.I don't really care.


How many desserts do you like? I only really like 3 and that is Tiramasu or fruit or even sometimes ice cream.That's what we normally have for dessert and we barely ever have dessert.We only buy it on very hot days Today we are not going out only to get dinner all I've been doing is blogging but it is fun to write banana tales it is mostly lots of little story's about fruit dessert and a few others .I don't know what they will be about.what type of dessert do you like.mama said that it is burning out side. I hope it is not. I'm back and I did not get what I want . Its burning hot out side and were having dessert its sorbet and cherry ice cream I don't really like it.Its almost dinner its 7:52pm isn't that sad we go to bed at 8:30pm millie just went to talk to mama about dinner so its ok daddy's out


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