Saturday, 31 March 2012

Farewell San Francisco

Bye Bye San Francisco. Now we are in Fort Bragg and I miss San Francisco.I wish I was on Bernal or at Flynn but instead I am in a motel. A BORING motel. This is the order we are going to places:

South Dakota
New York

Finally home but that is quite far away!


Good Bye

Ugh.We left San Francisco today and had to say good by to my best friend Mila.We drove to a place called Fort Bragg and the end was a bit wiggly. Then all of a sudden we came to a long line of cars. It turned out that a tree had fallen on the road and they were sawing it to pieces so it was easier to carry away. We kept driving and then stopped in Fort Bragg to find out where to stay. We ended up in a place called Beachcomber Motel. Today was a tiresome day!